How Can You Start Email Marketing Step By Step?

Irrespective of how many efforts you put into solidifying the SEO profile of your website until you take steps towards owning the traffic that your website receives, there is no way you can be in a position to not worry about Google algorithms anymore. This is one of the worst mistakes most website owners make. They never try to monetize their traffic. Don’t be like them. Start converting your website visitors into potential customers through email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

The Limitless Agency, a well-known digital marketing company based in the US, defines email marketing as the first step towards safeguarding your business from market fluctuations. According to it, email marketing is an organized process in which you try to convert your web traffic into paid users by asking them to be included in your email list.

Since nobody wants to share their email id and other personal details anymore, you must offer them something in return. A free e-book that can help their business grow or a free consultation call in which you audit their digital store and tell them how to improve it further can be two ideal ways to convince them to share their email id with you.

These services are worth $99 or more if your users contact an individual to audit their website or buy an ebook from any other marketplace. Since you are giving these services free of cost, they won’t mind sharing their email id with you in return.

You need to create a landing page on your website where all the details about your email marketing offer are mentioned. Users can visit this page and share their details with you. Over time, as your email list grows, you can start sending them emails covering topics that add value to their business. Once you build trust with your email subscribers, you can begin promoting your services or products through email marketing.

It’s one of the most useful and inexpensive ways to monetize your traffic regularly without relying too much on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. So, start doing email marketing as early as possible for the desired outcomes.

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