Most Dangerous Streets For Car Accidents In St. Louis

St. Louis is one of the worst-rated cities in the United States for car accidents. From drunk driving to overspending, irresponsible behavior, and dangerous streets with unexpected turns and low visibility, multiple factors contribute to this unwanted feat. This post talks about these factors, especially the most dangerous streets where car accidents take place almost every other day.

Dangerous Streets In St. Louis:

With an annual telly of more than 148,000 cases, St. Louis cannot be considered a safe city to drive. According to James G. Onder, three of the 10 worst-ranked intersections in St. Louis are on IS 64. Their names are Kings Highway Boulevard, Spoede Road, and ERM East IS 64 Mile 326.

The intersections where it’s very likely to meet with an accident in St. Louis are IS 270 and Dorsett Road. Each month, dozens of accidents take place here due to factors cited at the beginning of the post. Some other names can also be included in this list, such as Clarkson Road & Manchester Road at Ellisville, Fee Fee Road, Mason Road, and Olive Boulevard.

You cannot alter these records; however, what you can do is take necessary precautions while driving on these roads and intersections. Start with driving slow and carefully and avoid taking alcohol before the drive at any cost. In case you follow all these instructions and still meet with an accident, then it’s better to report the incident to the police and contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can represent your case and help you get financial compensation from the other party.

There are plenty of good lawyers and law firms in St. Louis that you can connect with, but if you don’t want to take any risk, then have a word with a lawyer from the Onder Law. It has been operating for many years and holds a solid track record of 100% win. The best part of hiring this firm is that you need to pay the fee only if it wins the case for you and gets you the desired compensation.

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